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A Change of Scenery…

April 29, 2010

I’ve felt lately that it was about time for a blog change.  Getting tired of the name and the format, so I’ve uploaded everything to a new web address and will continue to blog here:

Yes, it’s a long address with a lot of letters, but finding one that hasn’t already been used was tricky! 

I came up with the new name by trolling the dictionary of sewing terms and found “entredeux” to be rather poetic and relatable to more than just sewing..

entredeux: a French word meaning “between two.” Often it’s a piece of lightweight fabric joined to another piece of lightweight fabric with a delicate bit of lace.

My new blog will be about sewing and life and everything “between the two.”  This new format will focus on basically the same topics as TrailerTreasure has, but I’ve reorganized categories into broader terms:  Life+Family, Home+Garden, Fashion+Sewing, etc. so it’s not so cluttered and hopefully a little easier to navigate.  Most of all, the new name offers room to grow and change and talk about whatever the heck I want!

So please update your links and feeds and subscriptions and whatever else you have linked to TrailerTreasure and change them to entre deux :: between two.

See you there! :)


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