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New Jersey (not the state)

April 22, 2010

These two striped cotton jersey pieces are what else I got at my impromtu stop at Hancock’s several weeks ago.  They were both on the discount table and were the last of the bolt.  The thinner striped piece is about a yard and the other is about a yard and a half (if I remember right).

The fabric is thin.  Surprisingly thin for cotton jersey.  It’s like the thin fabric they make t-shirts out of nowadays that I refuse to buy or wear.  However, I’m seriously considering making the t-shirt version of the New Look top I just finished out of the wider striped fabric.  I’m either going to look for a white jersey to buy that I can line it with, although I’m just not sure I want to spend any more money right now, or I can make it unlined and have to wear a camisole under it every time I go out in public.

Or I could scrap the whole idea and make pajamas.  Fortunately, I have my always-present-when-something-exciting-is-happening-like-Mommy-taking-pictures-of-all-the-crap-I’m-usually-climbing-around-on assistant by my side.

“Ofelia, O Wise One, what should I do?”

“OFELIA!  Hello!  Come on, make yourself useful… Buy a lining, make it unlined, or make pajamas?”

“What?! You refuse to make a decision for me because everytime you suggest something I go a different direction and it hurts your feelings??  Good grief!  Why you gotta be all sensitive about this stuff?”

Clearly, I need more human input (and possibly more human interaction…)


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