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BurdaStyle Top Picks :: Week of 3/1-3/7

March 8, 2010

This weekend seemed non-stop for us!  Jeremiah finally got his check from his last job and we ran around Saturday spending it on new clothes for his new job (yay for new job!).  Then on Sunday we drove up to see Grandma and cook her a tasty chicken+pasta dinner!  Not much relaxing going on, but we did enjoy the sunshine.

I have several sewing projects lined up to start, but right now I’m focused on finishing the giveaway prizes and hemming a couple of Jeremiah’s new pants.  I wish I had more to show off to everybody, but life leaves me with little motivation and energy to really get any more than what’s necessary done.  Fortunately, with hub’s new job he’ll be working Saturdays so I can have that whole day to myself and finally have time to do some fun, unhindered sewing!

Until then, hope you don’t mind the many links I pass on :)


Here again are my favorite BurdaStyle projects from this past week. These are garments that I particularly like and would love to wear myself. I usually just “favorite” them on BurdaStyle, but I’ve decided to make it a regular thing to feature them on my blog so I could share the inspiration and applaud the talent of the people who made them!

All dresses this week! :)


Natural Structures Drape
by Funnymuffin

Made to reflect the look of coral and “the way sand ripples above and below water.”  My favorite part: the ruffles swoop down and create a functional pocket!


Reversible Knit Dress
by WanderingMuse

This looks so comfortable and I love the versatility!


Dress “Summer in Paris”
by Rosanita

So chic :)


Boat Neck Dress and Candy Stick Dress
by Serendipity

I love them both!  Great shape.  This would look good on any figure!


Plum Drapes (Drape Drape Dress No5)
by GinaSophia

Comfy!  And I love the warm purple color.

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