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BurdaStyle Top Picks

February 8, 2010

Happy Monday everybody!  Did you have a good weekend?  I did!

So my official birthday is tomorrow, but my husband planned a surprise birthday party for me Saturday night and it was just that–a complete surprise!  We had gone out to dinner that night with a friend and her husband and I was expecting the four of us to go back to our house and play some games, but when I stepped in the house and turned the lights on to a living room full of my friends and family it was such a shock!  Apparently, Jeremiah had been planning this for the past month and a half and he did such a good job keeping it a secret that I hadn’t caught on at all.  Everybody knew about this party except for me, even the waiter at the restaurant we had had dinner at that evening knew!  Too funny :)

Anyway, on to my favorite BurdaStyle projects from last week.  These are garments that I particularly like and would love to wear myself.  I usually just “favorite” them on BurdaStyle, but a couple weeks ago I decided to make it a regular thing to feature them on my blog so I could share the inspiration and applaud the talent of the people who made them!



The Petal or Two Dress
by Awhite_carnation101
(this dress is actually for sale)


by bre
(I love that off-center collar and the lining fabric she used!)


Dress with balloon skirt
by anu22


Crochet detail Batwing Top
by bluephin


Jeans that fit!
by elainemay
(Don’t miss her PG-13 blog post where I first heard about these jeans)


by PurpleJB99


Blue Rose Melissa Dress
by Distie

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