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New Couches!

February 4, 2010

Several months ago I bought a few yards of upholstery fabric off Craigslist with the intention of recovering one of our couches, but when I got home I made the sad discovery that it was several yards too short.

What I didn’t realize until now was that I only really need to cover the parts that show. So with that brilliant idea I measured all the fronts and tops of the cushions and I had just enough fabric to cover them!

Here it is mid-process with the three seat cushions completed:

 Yeeaahhh, see why I was wanting to recover it?  Unfortunately, as with most of my projects, I lost steam about half way through and it’s been languishing in our living room for weeks.  It wasn’t until Wednesday night that I finally mustered up the courage to finish it.

And look at the amazing results!

Looks like an entirely new piece of furniture, doesn’t it?!

And while I was at it, I decided to do the other couch, too.  Oh what a difference! 



I tell ya, what would we do without Craigslist? ;)


Ok ok, we totally got an all new-to-us living room set and finally got rid of those ugly, disgusting things!!  I did save that upholstery fabric, though.  That was much too nice to throw away.  Ahhh! I now actually enjoy being in my living room.  They were Jeremiah’s birthday present to me :)  He gives the BEST presents.

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