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This Week’s Faves… #42

January 8, 2010

bubble blouse by smarten on BurdaStyle

As soon as I complete my grandma’s quilt, my quilt quota will be met for the year.  The next family wedding is not until January 2011, so I have the next 7 or 8 months to do whatever the heck I want!

When I first started getting into sewing more seriously, I wanted to make clothes.  Then I got totally sidetracked by the quilting and decided to do one after another.  Now that I don’t need to get started on the next one until later this year I’m considering trying out clothes again.

Something I’ve discovered about myself is that I don’t like to stick to a pattern.  I like to make stuff up.  Unfortunately, I usually end up frustrated and never finish the garment.  I have several projects I’ve started and given up on because they weren’t turning out right!

I’ve decided that’s over now.  I’m going to make things according to the pattern and only change anything is I see it’s easily doable.  So I have a few patterns in mind and some fabric stash busting to do and I’ll be sure to report whatever turns out decent!
  • Kate at Needled knit up an incredible sweater dress with a genious “three dimensional arse accommodator”
  • Interesting collection of sashiko samplers
  • Japanese fabric store Matatabi on Etsy (I really want this fabric!)
  • Love the fabric used on the Bubble Blouse by smarten on BurdaStyle (see pic above – found this right after I found that fabric I like so much at Matatabi. It’s a sign. I know it is)
  • Recipe for homemade gummi candy!

Enjoy your weekend, peeps!  See you Monday…

~ Erin

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  1. January 10, 2010 12:16 am

    Kate at Needled is totally adorable! Any idea where she lives?

    • Erin permalink*
      January 10, 2010 12:19 pm

      Edinburgh, Scotland. She’s one of my favorite bloggers!

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