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This Week’s Faves… #33

October 2, 2009
smells like fall - originally uploaded by loosewheelbob on flickr

smells like fall - originally uploaded by loosewheelbob on flickr


When did that happen?

It snuck up on me, but I love this time of year!  Fall is my favorite season.  By the time summer ends, I am so ready for crisp, wet, cozy fall!  The scents outside are amazing this time of year and it’s so invigorating to me.  Being wrapped up in a warm sweater while breathing in the cold, fresh air as the wind rushes through the trees – it’s like a giant, earthy hug!

Last winter was very cold in our little trailer, so I’m planning to make thick curtains for the living room this year.  I’m hoping it will cut down on most of the drafts.  I’ve already noticed a huge difference in our bedroom after lining the curtains I made.  The room still gets a little cold between furnace bursts, but I haven’t felt a single draft yet so that’s encouraging.


  • I love sushi.  I love Japanese food.  I love these instructional videos on how to make popular Japanese dishes. They’re quick and cute!
  • Colorful, geometric embroidered pillow called Sashiko.  A perfect couch-project (i.e. you can work on it while sitting on the couch watching tv)!
  • A one-word-cued photo journal by a girl and her dad.
  • I need a good way to pack around little sewing projects and this tutorial is great!

Enjoy the weekend!

~ Erin

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  1. October 2, 2009 10:41 pm

    Hello! Just stopping by to let you know that I have added you to my blogroll – so sorry it took this long!

    A xx

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