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September 30, 2009

I really, really like linen.

I love the look.  I love the texture.  I love the way it drapes and shimmers.

My first experience with linen was a $2 scrap I picked up at Joann’s a few months ago.  I made the handbag in my last giveaway and still have enough to make a couple more, which I’m going to give to a couple lucky ladies for Christmas this year.

My second experience with linen was when I bought that turquoise top during Tulle’s sale.  It has a slightly heavier hand than the scrap I bought for the purse, but it’s perfect for that top and fits me well.  I’d never buy linen pants or skirt, though, because of the wrinkle factor.  I don’t like a wrinkly rear, thank you.

My third experience is this linen Ikea curtain panel I found at the thrift store for $3 last week.  I’m not sure it’s very good quality, though, because it’s very rough and after I washed it and let it air dry, it felt like there was still soap residue on it.  I’m going to try washing it again, this time with just a little bit of soap and then let it tumble dry.  Hopefully, this will soften it up.

I don’t know much about linen, so I did a little research.

flickr - originally uploaded by SandySTC

flickr - originally uploaded by SandySTC

Linen was apparently used over 10,000 years ago and could possibly be the oldest known fiber in use today. It’s made from the fibers found in the flax plant. It is incredibly strong and even stronger when wet.  It is “thermo-regulating, non allergenic, anti static and antibacterial” and very durable (denverfabrics).

The fact that linen is very absorbent and holds up well has me thinking about making myself a new apron and accent it with a little emroidery or cotton trimmings (like Alicia’s at Posie Gets Cozy).  I’ve been looking for more projects that involve hand-work, so I have something to do when I’m hanging out on the couch watching tv.

I searched “linen sewing” and found this Flickr discussion group which was very interesting.  I could try dying this curtain panel a different color!  I’ve never done that before.

All the pictures uploaded also gave me some good ideas about what I could make with it.  Pillows and bags seem to be popular items.  Maybe I’ll sew up a few pillow covers…


clockwise: autumn collection:inklore // pods:meringuedesigns // zippered pouch with vintage embroidery:alittleredribbon // linen and red:meringuedesigns // pillow 04:anastasiart // dandelions blowing away:raspberryfairy

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  1. October 1, 2009 8:26 pm

    I don’t like a wrinkly rear either, but I have no choice.

    Love the dishwasher saga. And congratulations.

    Some linens are dry-clean only; can you tell which ones are and which ones aren’t? I can’t!

    Grandma will love your entry about her. Not sure when we can get her to a computer to see it, but we will!

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