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Kitchen Improvement

September 29, 2009

So after a few weeks of coming out of denial that our current/old dishwasher was on its last duct-taped legs… We got a new dishwasher!  It’s so pretty!  And–get this–it actually CLEANS THE DISHES.

It has FIVE different cycles (!), an option for hot wash and air dry (!), a cancel/drain button (!!!).  And best of all, it’s holds more dishes because the utensil basket is hooked onto the door and doesn’t take up precious rack space.  Shall I go on??

Ok I shall.

It’s white!  So it matches my cabinets!

And I’m not supposed to pre-wash or rinse the dirty dishes.  Really!  The instructions told me not to because it has a special food monster that takes all the chunky bits and eats them up.  PLUS it has a Rinse/Later button for when I put dirty dishes in it, but I’m not going to run it for a few days, so it goes through a rinse cycle to get stuck-on food off!  Amazing.

Apparently, this thing was made in 1994.  I had no idea they had this kind of technology back then.  I can’t even imagine what dishwashers can do nowadays.  Can they do laundry, too?  Cause that would be nice.

Kitties 088

Please don’t mind Ofelia.  She just wants attention.

Here’s a shot of the old dishwasher for comparison’s sake:

Summer 09 1 037

Again, please excuse Ofelia, she’s just helping rid the house of mice.  (Oooh, did I just post that on the internet?  Please, tell me you live in a highly wooded area and DON’T have a mouse problem…. Please.  Because I want to move in with you.)

Pretty nice improvement, eh?  Thank you, craigslist.

Seriously, though, I will say this:  Living in this trailer has really made me appreciate the little things in life.  Especially when my dishwasher is working.  And is white…

…and has five different wash cycles…

…and has adjustable racks (did I mention that? Oh yes, it does)…

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  1. September 29, 2009 6:45 pm

    Yay for a dish washer that needs no duct tape! I told myself when I was in college that I’d know I’d “made it” when I owned my own dish washer. The apartment we rent has a washer and dryer in it, which is heaven to me, but alas, I’ve not had the joy of a dish washer since I moved out of my parents’ place. Unless you count my husband. I guess he’s my joy-inducing dishwasher. Congrats – you’ve “made it” in my book!

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