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Trailer Therapy, Part 4: Entertain Me

August 27, 2009

Refresh your memory:

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Trailer Therapy, Part 3: Goodbye, My Love(seat)!

 Ok, here we go.  The bleakest wall of them all:



And the potential “after”:


I love it!

From left to right:

Longer curtain rod with same curtains as on the other window.

Storage ottomans for blankets or pillows topped with cushions for extra seating.  I’d also be willing to have this be a bench/chest with storage. Or something like this creative use for cupboards. Or another comfy chair, no storage.

And the piece de resistance: the entertainment unit!  Designed by yours truly!

Do they even make them like this?  There are twelve cubby holes and one giant space for the TV.  Four cubbies at the top are exposed and have little lights attached inside them, four cubbies on the bottom are covered by doors and are perfect for DVD/game storage, and the four on the sides (two cubbies per side) are covered by sliding doors.  When the tv is not in use, you can slide the doors to the center, exposing the other cubbies and covering the tv.  Clever, eh?

However, there is a tender subject about the placement of this tv in our house.  J is adament about keeping it at an angle in the corner.  I, however, have come up with a solution (which I’ve told him about in the past and he was not agreeable–hopefully this illustration will help him understand how awesome this is).

Get this–the tv is on a shelf that pulls out and then swivels to face any direction!  This could easily be added to any entertainment unit with just a few pieces of hardware and an extra piece of shelving.  And it completely solves the “tv-would-be-facing-the-wrong-direction-so-I-wouldn’t-be-able-to-see-it-straight-on” problem that one of us has ;) (love you, babe!)

And there you have it, folks.  My proposed trailer living room redecoration game plan all laid out and ready to be executed (eventually).  I’ve noticed already that putting my ideas out there and actually creating a floorplan and illustrations has me a little more motivated to start redoing this room.

So excuse me, I think I’ll go put up a picture on the wall…

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  1. August 27, 2009 10:34 pm

    … I want an entertainment center like that!!

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