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This Week’s Faves… #23

July 24, 2009

Mystery solved!

Helen from Sew Stylish figured the green things were yarn bobbins to keep a small amount of yarn on when knitting with multiple colors and the needle is a mattress needle used for a mattress stitch in knitting and also in upholstery.  The wide, curved paddle end makes it easier to pass through thick layers evenly.

Thanks, Helen!

I did have one other sewing tool I wanted to show off that I bought at the estate sale, but the pictures I took of it did not turn out well and I haven’t had a chance to redo them, so it will have to wait until next week. But let me tell you, it is the COOLEST thing ever!

Speaking of cool…


  • This video is the best, most unique wedding procession I’ve ever seen! I was giggling through the whole thing and then tearing up at the end.


  • Fascinating series of photos from the Library of Congress placed in the same spot today. It’s so interesting to see how some areas have evolved from 100 years ago.


  • I have a few pieces of fabric that I’ve been considering dyeing a different color.  I really like this how-to on DIY fabric dye.  Who knew you could turn a piece of cloth yellow with just onion skins (see the video at the bottom of the post)?  Crazy!


So Monday is the hubs and my first year wedding anniversary!  A whole year.  It’s gone by so quickly.  I’ve taken Monday and Tuesday off work so we can do a little celebrating!

Our plan is to go camping at Lake Chelan over the weekend.  We’ve gone once before and had so much fun that we swore we had to do this every summer.  However, since we are the official leaders of Last Minute Planning, we’ll be calling the campsites sometime today in hopes they’ll have a plot open for at least one night.  My backup plan is a B&B on Camano Island–I was on top of my game and already confirmed they are available. We got Sunday and Monday nights on the same plot at the state camping park! Woohoo!

I’ll be enjoying the weekend and probably won’t be blogging until Tuesday or Wednesday.

Bug bites and sunburn, here I come!

~ Erin

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