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This Week’s Faves… #18 & 19

June 26, 2009

I’m so close to being done! I got all the quilting finished last night and it’s turning out so nice. I almost wish this was MY quilt… :-P

Sewing 087

I ended up using the spray adhesive for sandwiching without testing it first, so I’m really hoping it will turn out ok after I wash it.

Sewing 085

The quilting went really quickly and easily and actually was pretty fun!  I ended up moving my machine out to the kitchen table and had plenty of room.

Sewing 091

I’ll be able to make the binding and finish off the edges tonight. Which is a huge relief because I did not want to be working on this thing the day of the wedding! I still need some time to find the right sized box to wrap it in.

Sewing 088

Now on to the links!

  • The 2009 Western Washington Quilt Shop Hop (say that five times fast) is happening this weekend.  Actually started June 24th and goes through Sunday.  Unfortunately, with my current schedule I’ll be lucky if I do it at all this year.
  • Oh, Fransson! is generously offering her Clothesline Quilt pattern for free download!  Totally jumping on this one…
  • I love this genius idea for using rick-rack as something other than a tacky border.
  • And something totally unrelated to this blog but I think it’s absolutely hilarious: Passive-Aggressive Notes.  (Warning: Some vulgarity used, but really, how can you be passive aggressive without being rude?  It’s just not possible.)

I will have pics of the finished quilt for you all on Monday.  Have a fab-o weekend!

~ Erin

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