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Mysterious White Moth Visits Local Trailer

June 8, 2009

This little guy has been stuck on the wall just outside the front door for the past few days.

Summer 09 046

It doesn’t move at all. Not even when I blow on it.

Summer 09 039

I kept trying to get close-ups of it, but the camera didn’t let me. It would only focus on the farthest object or not focus at all, so I had to figure out how to position it so the moth would be clear.

I really wanted to capture the detail of this thing.  Fuzzy/furry head and long black and white striped antennae and legs.

Summer 09 051

I did a little research and it’s either a Virginian Tiger moth or an Agreeble Tiger Moth. Or at least some sort of variation.


It’s really quite striking.

And speaking of wild creatures…

Mouse count in the house is up to 2 in the last few days.

There’s a panel under the dishwasher that doesn’t sit straight and leaves a gap. The cats have been stalking this area for the past several weeks and just the other day we had evidence of what we had been suspecting.

Thank God we have cats.

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