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Week of Links #13

May 15, 2009


“You put the lemon in the coconut and shake it all up!”

(Yes, I know it’s supposed to say lime, but do you see any lime in the following recipe? I rest my case.)


OK, I caved and made the Lemon Coconut Bread last night. I won’t show pictures because it came out looking exactly like the one in the recipe (and I also don’t have my camera with me to upload all the pictures I DID take…) (EDIT: Came back and added pics! :) ).


This bread tastes DIVINE.

If you make this, though, I would recommend waiting until it completely cools to eat it, otherwise your first impression will be that it’s WAY too lemony. But trust me, the next morning tear off a chunk and the balance between coconut and lemon is perfect. A wonderfully refreshing summer bread! I think it would also be tasty as muffins with a vanilla glaze over the top. MMMmmmm…

Have a lovely weekend!

~ Erin

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  1. May 17, 2009 9:29 am

    That bread sounds wonderful! I may try it. I pass a Whole Foods store every Tues. on my way home from work, and have wanted to stop, but the little devil on the left shoulder says, “All you want to do is go home and veg,” while the angel on the right shoulder sighs and says, “Some day.” I think this Tues. I will stop and get some coconut and see what the store is like. I bet they have some good whole grain breads. Don’t think much of the greeting cards, but my thoughts on the retro swimsuits are mostly, “I wish I had a waist like that!”

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