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Bread Break

May 14, 2009


No, this is not turning into a cooking blog. Although, I do try to post about what interests me and baking seems to have been at the forefront lately :)

I baked more sourdough bread after my first attempt that I blogged about on Monday. I tried a different recipe for the second try: San Fransisco Sourdough Bread (sans onion). I will say I like this one better, especially since it makes two loaves instead of one. Also, my starter was slowly becoming more sour as the days passed and the loaves that came out of the oven were much better, though still not as sour as I like it.

I baked these Sunday morning and didn’t think to take any pictures, because I was also getting ready to go to a family Mother’s Day barbeque. I took one of the loaves with me and at the end of the day it looked like it had been attacked by a flock of birds! I just let everyone dig in and tear off pieces and none of us could stop eating it :) It was really tasty! The other loaf I left at home and I’ve been slicing off a few pieces now and then and feasting with melted butter.

However, after I got home yesterday I pulled out my starter for a daily feeding and found it very languid and smelly (the bad kind of smelly). So I had to pour it out. It’s ok, though, I was getting a little tired of baking anyway and my flour supply was getting pretty low. I’m going to take a little bread break and just stick to cookies for now (EDIT: although this Lemon Coconut Bread I just found might have to be made immediately… Darn internet browsing always finding cool stuff!!). They’re easy, not as time consuming, and don’t take 6 cups of flour to make :)

Now that I have forayed a little into the world of homemade bread (linked to the article that started it all for me), I do feel it might be worth it to get a bread machine. I know, I know! I hear you all saying, “But that’s cheating!” But honestly, I don’t always like planning ahead and scheduling a few days off just to make bread. It’s time consuming to make it the old fashioned way. Yes, it’s fun and immensely satisfying, but I do believe there will come a day when I just want to throw everything into a machine and let today’s technology do what it was meant to do: save time.

My friend Heather found a near perfect, brand-new bread machine at the Goodwill. I was a little jealous. So on Saturday we made a little impromptu visit to the thrift store. I did find a machine, but the inside pan was missing. I also found an immaculate rice cooker (something else I’d love to have!), but it was $12.99 and I already had a few things in my cart and couldn’t justify giving up one of those things for a rice cooker.  Oh well!

Next on my list of things to obsess over:  Quilts!  …Again!  More on that later… :)

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