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Week of Links #12

May 8, 2009

dinner's ready!

I made sourdough bread! Why? Because I’m awesome!

Ok it is still in the oven, so I’m not getting that excited about it just yet. I’ll let you know on Monday how it turns out…

  • Here’s a little treasure-trove of collected household tips called TipNut (how appropriate)
  • Fascinating article with several cool pictures about silkworms and how the silk is collected.  The video is pretty interesting to watch, too!
  • Vintage Sewing is a collection of transcribed vintage household and sewing books from the past 100 years.  I spent over an hour reading through the 1930’s laundry book.  It’s amazing what women had to do just to wash all their stuff.
  • Listen to streaming old radio shows on Old Time Radio Now.  Too fun!
  • This article on transforming a vintage tablecloth into a circle skirt has me wanting to go thrifting again…
  • Clever Nettle scanned some pictures of a lovely lady of the 40’s, Betty Jayne McIntosh.  I especially like the one where she’s holding the crab.  Such a cute dress!

Cheers and toodle-loo till Monday!

~ Erin

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