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Googling Memories

May 5, 2009

All the busy-ness that’s been going on lately has really ramped down this week. I’ve had quite a bit of free time and have been having fun playing with Google Maps, particularly the street views. I love exploring! Especially places that I’ve visited in the past. I can look them up on Google and run up and down the streets and remember what it was like to be there in real life.

My aunt and uncle have lived in several different places across the US. He’s a pastor so they’ve had to move quite a few times. My favorite house they ever lived in was in a little town in Nebraska…

Here’s the house next to the church.


I had fun looking for this one. All I could remember was the name of the town, that the house and the church was on a corner, and there was a grocery/hardware store just across the street. I pretty much guessed my way around town, clicking up and down the streets until I spotted the pool that my little cousins went to almost every day during the summer. Then I turned around and knew exactly which direction to go :)


It had a grand staircase just inside the front door that creaked up to the second floor with the wonky doors.  There was a huge kitchen in the back of the house and my aunt made raspberry tea with Sprite.  I think I drank their whole supply while I was there–it was sooo good!


I never ventured down into the storm cellar.  I think I was too scared.

And here’s the hardware store right across the street that my grandpa loved going to. I don’t remember it being called Dollar General, though… Or am I remembering a different hardware store? Either way I remember watching from the front porch for Grandpa to emerge with whatever gizmo gadget he found to fix something…


Aww shucks, it’s the fam!  Please excuse my 15-year-old pasty, scrawny legs.  They tried to get a tan…


Ahh the memories.  Road trips with Grandpa and Grandma were so much fun :)

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  1. May 7, 2009 3:03 pm

    Was that Tecumseh? I don’t recognize it and Tecumseh was the only place they lived that I didn’t get to visit.

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