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Parm-Rose-Garlic Bread

May 4, 2009

The kitchen and I are becoming closer friends. I think we’re starting to bond. And I think I really like it.

Ever since I acquired those baking ingredients I’ve felt an urgency I’ve never known before. And a feeling of… of… non-intimidation!

I made my very first loaf of bread this weekend. It’s my very first baked bread that I’ve ever made all by myself. Please allow me to take you through the creation process…

First I scoured the internet for some bread that would use up the mass amount of parmesan cheese we have. Hubs is afraid that it will turn moldy before we use it all up, so that got me thinking of what else we could use it for besides dumping over pasta.

I found this recipe.


But it seemed a little plain.

So I added a couple teaspoons of chopped garlic.

And then I grabbed some dried rosemary and spun it around in the coffee grinder until it was very fine.



I think I ended up putting about one or two teaspoons of this stuff into the dough.


At the very beginning of this recipe, I threw a load of laundry into the washing machine so by the time I was ready to let the dough rise the dryer would be running.

I glopped it into the dish and set it on top of the dryer while it ran. I love killing two birds with one stone!


Ooh it’s rising!

About 40 hungry-husband minutes later (which are really, REALLY long), this beauty popped out of the oven…


Mmmm…. so bread-like and wonderful smelling…


So deliciously light and squishy…


Ahh so very tasty with melted butter!

The crust was a little too crispy for our liking, but overall this bread was a real success! The rosemary turned out to be the strongest flavor (might add a teeny bit less next time), followed by the parmesan, and then the garlic was pretty non-existent. I’d either add more or just leave it out entirely. Or maybe substitute with garlic powder?

This recipe is just so versatile! Two thumbs up!

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  1. blazedanielle permalink
    May 4, 2009 9:02 am

    Hi there! Thank you so much for your comments! Your Riddick looks EXACTLY like my kitty! How funny and strange! I never have noticed the shaking of the eyes, but I’ll look for it now. :)

    So you say she’s a long-haired flame tip siamese? Is that what Riddick is? Whitey is definitely a skiddish/cuddly girl. She used to be much more scared, but she is warming up to us. :)

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