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Farmhouse Dreamin’

April 30, 2009

Ever since I found Pioneer Woman‘s blog, I’ve been hopelessly obessed with moving out to the middle of nowhere, taking up residence in a big victorian farmhouse, planting a garden with yellow tomatos and basil and garlic and strawberries, poppin’ out a couple kids, makin’ my own jelly and cannin’ stuff for winter when we can’t leave the house because the snow drifts are 5 feet deep, wipin’ the sweat off my man’s brow as he does whatever you do that makes you sweat and get dirty in a place like that,  and then at the end of the day collapsing into a creaky porch swing as I listen to crickets chirping in the grass, knit myself a sweater for when that cold winter comes, and watch the sun set gloriously across the plains.


No, I haven’t revealed this secret longing to my husband because there’s no way we could ever live like that in the immediate future and I don’t want to scare him.  He’s a man and doesn’t understand a woman’s wild fantasies, so I don’t confuse him with mine.  He is the extremely practical side to my musings and I’ve found that sharing everything that I love and want leads to an unenthused, smile-and-nod, pat-on-the-knee response.

In all honesty, though, I know the man I’m married to would enjoy a life like that, too, considering that he doesn’t like living within city limits and would rather not have neighbors.  And that pretty much keeps my dreams alive and hopeful.

So I love looking at houses for sale online.  And since I highly doubt we’ll ever move to Oklahoma or Nebraska, I’ve been searching closer to home for farm-like, pioneer-pretend-like houses, particularly in eastern Washington state which would be a little more manageable. Commence the husband-frightening speaking!

Look at this blue beauty in Fairfield…


What a great porch!  The kitchen needs some desparate help and that wood panelling in the living room can definitely go where the sun don’t shine (click this image for the listing with more images), but these stairs really make the few flaws totally worth it:


And here’s another one:

What the WHAT?!?  Is that a porch swing I see?  Uh… yahh!

And speaking of stairs, check out this entryway from the old architecture gods:

Love those double doors!

Really these houses are pretty far from my dream house, but they both have elements that I like: Old, cool stairs, and porch swing.

If maybe we can move an amalgam of these houses to a few acre of land with this view…


…I’d be a happy woman.

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  1. May 1, 2009 8:07 am

    They are beautiful! I’d love to live in the middle of nowhere. Unfortunately where I live (north west UK), most older rural houses are stone farmhouses with low ceilings and even lower beams. I’m tall – and my husband even taller so I think that fantasy isn’t going to work for us!

  2. May 1, 2009 9:56 am

    I had no idea. I thought I was reading Heather’s blog! You never cease to surprise me. I love it. And your writing is just great.

    • trailertreasure permalink*
      May 1, 2009 10:37 am

      I think my tastes will always be changing! Ask me a year from now where I want to live and I’ll probably want something totally different :)

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