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Extreme Makeover: Garage Edition… The Reveal!

April 21, 2009

We’re a little proud of this baby.  We’ve completely transformed our very garage-like garage into a clean, functioning office.  I gave all the walls and the ceiling two coats of paint and I was on my hands and knees for two days straight cleaning up the concrete floor in preparation for the linoleum.  My knees have the bruises to prove it!


before moving everything in... soo nice!

The pics show the place a little messy, but we’re still in the moving-in, trying-to-figure-out-where-stuff-goes stage.  It’s sooo nice to finally see my living room and kitchen floor again as we’re moving everything into the new digs.


All our cubicles, display case, and filing cabinets were free off Craigslist.  Woohoo!  Saved us SO much money.


J.’s cubicle is on the left.  That’s where all the dirty work happens.  Mine’s on the right (where all the blogging happens. Sshh! Don’t tell)


I’m in charge of the money and customer accounts.  I am still working at my real job, but took a couple days off to help setup.  We’re hoping someday I can turn this one into my full-time job.


This may not be as interesting for some of you (I’m mainly posting about this for the family :) ) and I’m hoping I’ll eventually be able to get back to sewing, but for now everything in my life is pretty much business.

~ Erin

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