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Extreme Makeover: Garage Edition

April 14, 2009


I shuffled out to the garage a couple nights ago to take some progress pics of the remodel. They had finished putting up all the drywall that day. It’s unreal the transformation. So weird to be in that room all cleaned up when just a week ago it was an ugly, dirty garage with a broken door!

I tried to find some past pictures of what the garage used to look like inside, but I guess it was profoundly uninteresting because I couldn’t find any. So imagine a single-car, detached garage. Bare studs, mis-matched tool chests, a sad refrigerator humming noisily on one side, and shelves holding miscellaneous cans and containers lining the walls. Pushed into corners were the necessary garage-like, manly equipment and such. And look at it now! WOW.


Currently there are only two light bulbs in place that will suffice until we are more prepared to install the real light fixtures. The first picture up there shows you the ahm-be-ahnce (ahem) and this second one is with the camera flash to show you the real deal.

My husband has been working his tail off non-stop for the past 6 days getting this garage done and ready for business. He framed the roof for a ceiling and permanently attached the garage door to the building to create a wall. His mom, uncle, and a couple buddies have more recently assisted with the insulation and drywall installation.


Please excuse the blurriness of this one. I couldn’t stabilize myself against the wall cause the mud was still wet. The wall to the right of the yellow door used to be the garage car door.

All that’s left to do now is paint the walls a white-with-an-extremely-subtle-hint-of-blue color, put down linoleum (I’d LOVE to use cork, but I doubt it’s in our price range), and start filling the room up with furniture. I predict much browsing of Craiglist in my very near future.

If you don’t know too much of the details of this business, we are going into the video game console repair service. Does your xbox 360 have flashing red lights and won’t turn on? Let us know! As soon as the garage/office is done, we’ll be opening up for local business. Once our website launches at the end of April, we’ll be nationwide and taking shipments. We’re praying/thinking good thoughts that this will take off quickly!

~ Erin

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