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April 2, 2009


Yes, I’m still alive! :)  Just been busy working at my job and working on OUR job and trying keeping up with the laundry and the dishes (it’s enough work with one man, I can’t imagine how it will be when we start having kids!!).  I haven’t had much time for sewing, although I did manage to rip out half a pocket the other night before the dryer buzzed.

At one point, a couple months ago, I had caught up on all the laundry and only had to do one load per night to stay on top of it.  I think I skipped a couple nights and haven’t been able to catch up since.  I’ll be so glad when I don’t have to work and can stay home to do all this housework stuff AND sew!  I’ll feel so accomplished, lol!

So I was doing a little snooping around on the internet about sewing lounges and came across a store in Seattle called Stitches.  My favorite part is they have classes and since I’ve been very intrigued by knitting lately, I got really excited when I saw they’re having a beginner’s knitting class on April 9th & 16th!  It’s only $25 to sign up and you can choose to knit either a backpack, a cap, or a patterned scarf and they’ll help you read knitting patterns, which are like gibberish to me.  The downsides are that it is in Seattle and I’d be driving during rush-hour and although I know exactly where it is, I’m uncertain about parking and being there at night (class goes from 6:30pm-9pm) and I would have to buy all the material which could be costly (plus the sign-up fee).

I’d love to be able to go to a class like this, though!  To be with other people I don’t know but would probably like and be taught how to read the patterns and be able to ask questions and have visual guidance!  I really could teach myself to do this by looking up videos and tutorials online, but I’ve been ansy to be more social in an organized, like-minded setting and I find that classes could be ideal for me. I’ve been having fun following Carrie at Sommer Designs and her knitting class escapades!

I’ll have to think this one over and talk to the husband about it.  I’ll see if this is something I could afford.  If not, then I guess I can wait until another time down the road!

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