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Week of Links #4

March 13, 2009



My thimble came yesterday!!! It’s pretty awesome. There was also a lovely note from Mary Anne (thank you again!). I can’t wait to use it!


Another weekend has rolled up unexpectedly on me.  However, this time I am somewhat prepared and have been thinking of a project.  I’m going to attempt to paint our bedroom!

If you take a look at the picture of our wedding quilt in the last post, you’ll see why I want to paint it.  I hate going back into that bedroom because it’s so dark and gloomy with that scruffy, ugly wood paneling.  Our bedroom shouldn’t be like that!  It should be the coziest and most relaxing of all the rooms.  Unfortunately, we’ve been busy upgrading all the public rooms and have neglected our own private boudoir.

I’ve been wanting to redo this room for a long time and I actually already have the paint!  Sometime last summer I found two gallons of Ice Sage for free on Craigslist, so I hopped in my car and picked them up.  Hopefully, this will be enough to cover all four walls, but just in case it won’t I’m going to put down a base coat of white and start paint on the important walls and see how far it takes me.

I’ll be doing my best to get all this done over the next two days!

Now on to the links… 

  • Color Me Katie is a blog I’ve recently discovered and really enjoy.  She recently posted asking what your earliest memory is and there were a lot of really neat responses!  Can you find mine?  Hint: it involves ear piercing.
  • Myvintagevogue is on Flickr and I have been following her for a while.  She has quite an extensive collection of fantastic vintage fashion photos and has recently launched her own website with even more!
  • The wonderful world of scissors at The Purl Bee!  As Liz Lemon would say, “I want to go to there.”

Also, in light of my thoughts about turning my wedding dress into a quilt, I discovered these websites that hold a little inspiration for me.  All of these are so pretty!

I most likely will not be diving into that project for quite a while.  I’d like to do a few other quilts first and also mull this idea over to make sure this is really what I want to do with my dress.

Now I’m off to prep the bedroom for a makeover!  Pictures will be soon to follow :)

~ Erin

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