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at home with the hubs

March 11, 2009


Not much going on at the homefront right now in terms of sewing or fashion-ness.

I’ve been busy helping out JT with his new side business (have a broken xbox 360? let me know–my husband’s a repairing-genius!) by making signs for him and cutting and glueing coupons to the backs of his business cards.  I’m so proud of him and so excited that this business is really going well for him.  He’s such an entrepreneur and loves being able to help people out, so this job suits him so well.


It’s almost shocking how many xbox 360’s out there that are malfunctioning and the nerve of some of our competitor’s is laughable!  He just had one come in the other day that had been “fixed” by one of them and he found taped rolls of pennies stuck in the weirdest places (there is a spot where they could go if you wanted a temporary and easy fix, but they still were nowhere near it).  Huh??  He pulled them all out and got the machine working just great sans pennies :)

Honestly, why pay more for a half-arsed job when you can pay less and be assured of quality service?  That’s why JT is on the job! :)

I made some brownies last night.  I really have perfected the art of making them from a box.  I toss in an extra egg and substitute half of the oil (and sometimes all of the oil if I’m out of it) with melted butter.  Mmm so cakey and delicious!  It is a staple in our household and our favorite kind is almost always on sale for 99 cents which works out great for our tiny food budget.

However, last night I discovered that the rack in the oven is either upside down or backwards or both because there is a bar that runs right across the middle on top and I made the mistake of putting the baking dish right on that bar–how did I avoid it the last hundred times I made these?  So when I pulled the brownies out 20 minutes later it looked like a hillside had formed.  And not the sort of hill that Maria would enjoy.  The tall, hilltop edge was puffy and slightly undercooked and the short, valley side was crispy and dark.



The taste, however remains the same and I don’t mind if my brownies are slightly undercooked so that half is mine.  But the aesthetic aspect is really quite shameful.  The picture is after JT had his share :)  Fortunately, I bought two boxes. I shall prevail!

Hey, on an entirely different note.  I was checking out Shorpy last night while my brownies were quietly deforming in the oven and found this gem of a picture from 1924!  Can you spot Princess Leia’s fashion icon?  I can!

~ Erin

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