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Week of Links #3

March 6, 2009


Oh boy, I’ve got a stockpile of links today!

I’ve also been sewing a teeny bit.  All this week I haven’t had much time to do anything except for last night.  I wanted to do something easy and quick and fun, so I got the idea to make a seat cushion for my sewing chair.  I got as far as cutting everything out and sewing the ties… at which point I realized I needed a loop turner.  Which I don’t have because I never thought I’d need one because I always attach a safety pin to one end and feed it through.  Except these ties are way too small for that, so I was stuck and it was late at night and all the stores were closed.  So I went to bed.  My plan for tonight is to find some wire and just make one.  No sense spending money when I can fabricate one myself!

I will show you pictures on Monday of my finished seat cushion.  My tushy will thank me for this one, that’s for sure!


  • I guarantee this will put a huge smile on your face and probably make you giggle!  Click the picture above to be directed to Color Me Katie‘s blog and to see the video just scroll down to the bottom of the post. 
  • Something I had never heard of before: arbor sculptures.  The manipulation of growing trees into intricate shapes.
  • Yet another creative use for contact paper!  This time with paint and windows.
  • Trying to think of neat ways to decorate our walls and I’ve been thinking of making sillhouette portraits of myself and JT. They have a timeless quality to them that I like and you can get really creative with them!
  • A timely find: blind hem sewing by hand!  Wasn’t I just ranting about the blind hem?  Now I know how to do it and I can use my new thimble (when it comes – checking the mail daily!)!
  • Little Capucine got a suprise package in the mail and she’s SOO excited! :)
  • Found this wonderful video series through Craft:Blog of Depression Cooking with Clara.  A great-grandmother shares recipes and stories of her childhood during the Great Depression. At 93, she’s still got spunk!
  • And lastly (whew! I told you I had a stockpile!), Super Kawaii Mama has a brilliant idea for a new Friday posting trend (as well as a new home website)!  Be prepared to be inspired and energized for the weekend :)

Hope you enjoy my findings!  Have a great weekend!

~ Erin

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