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The last thimble you’ll ever need

March 5, 2009



While Mom and I were perusing the booths at the Sewing & Stitchery expo, one of my missions was to find myself a thimble.  Last summer, I was working on reupholstering the seats in JT’s International Scout and was in desperate need of one.   I told him what I needed and he ran out to the garage to find me something that could work.  I ended up with a small piece of hard plastic tubing just big enough to fit around the tip of my finger and I’ve had to use it ever since.  The thing is super uncomfortable, does not fit my finger right, and I’ve poked a number of holes through it which really defeats its purpose.

I did find a pack of three really cheap thimbles at the expo that I was able to stuff into my $5 goodie bag, but later in the day Mom and I came across some very unique ones.  Neither of us had seen anything like them and we were intrigued to say the least!  We struck up a conversation with Mary Anne, who, with the help of her engineer husband, made these customized rubber thimbles.  She told us that she had come home one day from buying what she thought was finally going to be the greatest thimble for her handsewing, but when she went to use it, it was not at all what she had expected.

So she decided to do something about it.

Mary Anne surveyed several women, asking what they did not like about their thimbles, then came up with a prototype that solved these issues.  Her husband is an engineer and works with an industrial type of rubber, so she gave him the specs and he produced these one-of-a-kind thimbles.  And P.Q.F. Custom Thimbles was born!


As you probably gathered from the picture, they have a lifetime gaurantee.  Because they’re made of rubber, they have a little bit of stretch to them and suction themselves to your finger.  They have a tapered, elongated shape so they stay on your finger much better than metal thimbles and the ridges along the sides and top grab the needle to keep it from slipping.  Also, if your fingers lose or gain weight you can mail it in to exchange for another size–free of charge!

Mary Anne said that God has blessed her so much with this business that she has been able to help put her 5 grandchildren through college. What a wonderful gift that she can do that for her family — just with thimbles!


These thimbles run at $25 each, which was a little more than I could afford so unfortunately I could not purchase one, but I was so inspired by Mary Anne’s story that I asked her if I could share it on this blog. She was such an inspiration to listen to and her story is an “American story” as she called it. I wanted to share her product with all of you who most likely have not heard of it.

Mary Anne has been so kind enough to give me one of these thimbles and it’s on the way to my house as we speak… err… type! :)   Please go check out her website where she has more pictures, a measurement tool to make sure you get the right size, and to order one for yourself or as a gift for a sewing loved one!

I can’t wait for mine to come. Usually handsewing is such a pain for me (literally!) that this will definitely make it more enjoyable. And it will have a great story behind it! :)

~ Erin

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