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The Expo: Part 3 – Vintage victory!

March 4, 2009


Third and final part of my sewing expo show-offs.  Saved the best for last :)  Hmm… looky looky, what have we here?


Patterns!!  (To see each one individually, go to my collection on Flickr)

Mom and I had gone through all the booths and I had not found a single one that had a better deal on patterns than Simplicity.  They were selling them for $5 each and New Look’s were $3 each!  I told myself I’d buy two… And then three… and then of course I had to have these four, but I was so torn because I really should limit myself to just three!  Well, by the time I had finally decided to get four after all, my mom and I had struck up a great conversation with the lady manning the booth.

I eventually handed over my four choice patterns and the lady held them in her hands and looked up at me, saying, “You know what?  You have been so pleasant and enchanting, I’m going to give you one of these for free.”

Wow!  I couldn’t thank her enough.  What a great gift for an already wonderful experience!


At the beginning of the day, the very first booth that I was drawn to was filled with antiques.  Buttons, thimbles (up to $145 on a few of them!), lace trimmings, hankies, and the beautiful blue and white cotton pictured above.  5 gorgeous yards of it for $22. I was in love, but not sure I was willing to part with half of my allowance for it.  I put it back on the shelf and moved on, but it lingered in my head for most of the day.

Once Mom and I had gone through all the booths, we were doubling back to our favorite ones to take second looks and we wandered past this one again.  I was a little surprised it was still there, but I still had enough money left to buy this fabric and with a little help from Mom (thank you!) I took this beautiful fabric home! :)  It’s being saved for just the right dress pattern for summer!

It was rainy today–and a Wednesday–which called for a very comfortable outfit:


I actually really like wearing slacks more than jeans.  They feel like pajamas because the material is so soft and loose, but they have the look of sophistication!  Jeans can be so restricting, especially when sitting for several hours, even if they are the stretchy kind and while they can be dressed up with a nice top and high heels, they just don’t have the same comfort and classy factor that slacks do.  The pair I wore today need the cuffs hemmed, but until I do my 3″ shoes just barely make them wearable.  I don’t like altering clothes that are already complete.  I’ve never hemmed pants before, either.  I don’t understand the invisible seam.  There are stitches holding the current hem in place, but they are nowhere to be seen on the outside!  I just don’t get it…

~ Erin


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