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A Week of Links

February 20, 2009



Any fun plans for the weekend?  It will be pretty ho-hum for us, but I’m hoping the weather will be as sunny as it has been lately!  So cheery :)  I love it streaming through the windows and I just might be able to take some pictures that turn out halfway decent!

Hopefully, I’ll get some sewing done and clean up around the house some more.  Last night I spent about an hour freshening up our bathroom and got around to printing out and framing two pictures of our kitties to hang on an empty space of wall.  Makes it much more cozy :)

Here are some sites that I have been enjoying this week.  I hope you’ll find them fun, too!

  • Free wallpaper for my computer is something that usually catches my eye, but I don’t usually find any I particularly like.  These from Jingerup are pretty cute and full of colorful designs!
  • I’m beginning to discover the many uses of contact paper: Decorating your walls?  Never would have thought of it and it creates such a stunning effect!
  • Design*Sponge featured one couple’s home whose furniture is handmade and based on a circle motif.  The front door and the coffee table especially caught my eye.  How cool!
  • Oh how I wish I could be as organized (and as stocked!) as these lovely ladies
  • JT and I LOVE sushi, so when I found these sushi pillows I cracked up.  (Too bad they’re so expensive – I wonder if I can make one myself?)  Whenever we go out, JT always orders several plates of these :)  And I always order a few of these!

Happy weekend to you!

~ Erin

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